Who's Keeping Score? Using CQO Scorecards for Service Line Success

Who's keeping score? As a supply chain professional working from the intersection of cost, quality, and outcomes (CQO), you need to be the one keeping score. Tune in to this previously recorded on-demand webinar to learn how to apply cost (expenditures as they relate to supplies, services, and other areas in supply chain control, i.e. total cost of ownership as well as the total cost of care), quality (patient-centered care aimed at achieving the best possible clinical outcomes), and outcomes (financial reimbursement driven by outstanding clinical care at the appropriate costs) data to high-profile Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) to lead change in your hospital.

Wellmont Health System in Tennessee has developed a scorecard to help supply chain executives convince even the toughest clinicians and hospital administrators to collaborate to drive down overall costs (while maintaining the highest standards of patient care and safety) by speaking their language -- evidence.

This on-demand webinar will provide detail on how to use the DRG scorecard and an excel file of the scorecard will be provided after completing the on-demand webinar. Click here to view a PDF of the DRG scorecard.

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AHRMM 1 Hour from November 24, 2014