Controlling Capital Expenditures to Meet Fiscal Goals

After several years of consolidation and underfunding, healthcare providers are once again planning to invest in capital spending to meet the need for facility and technology upgrades. Moreover, supply chain professionals are being asked to not only participate in these efforts but to lead them as well. From budgeting and planning to procurement and implementation the need is great and the opportunity for cost and efficiency savings is significant. This session will describe how Wellmont Health System took control of their Capital Spending to develop a national model of excellence in capital management.

Traditionally the Supply Chain has had little impact on the Capital Process. Often called upon only to execute a purchase order to buy the latest and greatest technology that was promised to the most influential, aka the loudest, physician. Now with Capital Budgets shrinking and a renewed focus being placed on adding value Supply Chain leaders are being asked to step in and be proactive in Capital Planning and are being tasked to help stretch limited budgets to cover more projects while ultimately help assure administration that the right projects are funded. 

Credit Information

Activity Number Credit Amount Accreditation Period
AHRMM 1 Hour from October 05, 2015