Infection Prevention Part 2: Applications of Infection Prevention and Control for Supply Chain and Value Analysis Across the Continuum of Care: A Deeper Dive

In Part 2 of the Infection Prevention series, Supply Chain and Value Analysis professionals will take a deeper dive into implementing a standardized approach to product evaluation in order to meet infection prevention and control regulations, accreditation standards, and evidence based guideline requirements.

Supply Chain and Value Analysis professionals must be knowledgeable about the ever changing landscape associated with evidence based requirements. With recent outbreaks of Healthcare Associated Infections in the news, the time to impact change and target zero infections is now. 

Each year, Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s) cost the US Healthcare system billions of dollars in lost revenue, cause 75,000 deaths, and result in 722,000 unnecessary and preventable infections. These infections directly cause a negative impact of the quality of care, result in increased mortality and morbidity, excess of length of stay, and increased utilization of the healthcare system and supplies to care for these patients. Luckily, these infections are mostly preventable through the implementation of evidence-based practices. The Value Analysis is a critical component of infection prevention and control efforts by sourcing and implementing the most evidence-based practices to reduce the incidence of HAIs, improve the overall experience of care, and reduce costs.

Credit Information

Activity Number Credit Amount Accreditation Period
AHRMM 1 Hour from November 06, 2015