Essentials of Negotiations Certificate


This program has been updated to an interactive format that consists of four modules, with an exam after each module. In addition to essential and practical information, each module is full of applicable tips and tricks and tried and true advice from seasoned supply chain professionals. Upon successful completion of the four modules, you will receive a certificate in negotiations of healthcare supply chain management.

Part 1: Negotiation Basics
Part 2: Negotiation Ethics and Tactic
Part 3: Win-Win Negotiation
Part 4: Negotiating with Physicians


This course is also available as part of the Essentials of Healthcare Supply Chain Series.

Learning Objectives

Part 1: Negotiation Basics

Describe the four stages in a negotiating framework.

Identify at least five steps in the 10 step negotiation process.

Assemble key team players who will be instrumental in the negotiation process.

Name at least three sources of power that should be included in the negotiation process.

Formulate the right type of questions to ask during the information bargaining step.


Part 2: Negotiation Ethics and Tactics

Recognize the importance of ethics when negotiating.

Describe tactics and techniques that should be considered when negotiating.

Point out the do’s and don’ts of negotiating.

Identify hidden messages and determine if they are advantageous to the negotiation process or disadvantageous.


Part 3: Win-Win Negotiation

Identify and avoid the pitfalls of both adversarial and concessionary styles of negotiation.

Apply five guiding principles to achieve successful win/win negotiation.

Overcome sticking points by separating people from the problem.

Apply four key strategies to create a win-win negotiation.

Use the win-win approach to successfully negotiate with difficult people.


Part 4: Negotiating with Physicians

Identify and address the unique differences in negotiating with physicians

Achieve a balance of power with the physician

Apply five key strategies to successful negotiations

Follow a 7-step process that will help ensure successful negotiations

Credit Information

Activity Number Credit Amount Accreditation Period
AHRMM 5 Hours from June 07, 2016